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Management Team

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Priyanka Patil

Priyanka Patil (Chief Financial Advisor)

Mrs Priyanka Patil is our senior executive who is responsible for managing the financial action of hospital.

Priyanka Patil mam’s role has emerged from focusing on compliance and quality control to business planning and process changes, and they are a strategic partner to the CEO.

The CFA plays a vital role in influencing company strategy.

Priyanka mam helps the hospital for analyzing the hospital’s financial strengths & weakness & processing actions.

Darshan Kabani

Darshan Kabani (Chief Administrative Officer)

Mr Darshan Kabani is the head of all departments and manages daily administrative work operations of the hospital. The chief administrative officer has similar responsibilities to the chief operating officer, and is sometimes considered the same position. He also focuses on business development and his main moto is “Patient Care” and development across all departments.

  • Sets goals for all department and he guides every each and other individual staff with his inbound knowledge.
  • Organize and co-ordinate inter and intradepartmental operations.
  • Resolves issues that may arise in a timely manner.
  • Our main goal is to ensure the smooth running of hospital according to established polices & vision.
Vijay Gohil

Vijay Gohil (Manager)

Mr Vijay Gohil is manager of the hospital and has a direct communication with patients, but their work is intrinsically tied to policy changes that improve patient care.

Since a hospital is a 24/7 institution, the job entails long hours on-site, working weekends, and being on call to handle urgent issues.

He also represents facility on government boards and organizes the records of facility services and manages labor relative activities.

Dr Sonali Parte

Dr Sonali Parte (Medical Officer)

Dr Sonali Parte is the Quality Assurance manager who looks after to maintaining hospital policies & Sops as per the Guide lines of Quality Council of India by Laws.

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